Restorative Yoga Workshops

Living in these challenging times, we all experience physical tension and mental stress at different levels at different times.

Relaxation has become something that is often deemed "unproductive" in the busy, "doing" way of life. However, unrecognised and unresolved stress can result in diss-ease and even diseases of the body and mind.

Relaxation is a skill that can be learned and becomes easier with practice.

In these workshops we explore relaxation within supported yoga asanas (postures) by using props and supports to allow us to hold the poses for several minutes, giving you the opportunity to internally explore muscles and mind and whatever else occurs for you. And you get a good stretch!

The workshops involves asana practice, a Yoga Nidra (extended relaxation session) and light refreshments.

Due to past popularity, I am running five more dates during the year to accommodate all those who wish to attend. No previous yoga experience is necessary.

The workshops run from 2.00-4.30pm at two venues in two towns:

The Boilerhouse in Bury St Edmunds

Saturday 21st April

Sunday 9th September

Saturday 17th November

and The Malthouse in Saffron Walden

Sunday 3rd June

Saturday 6th October

The cost is £25.

To book, please email or phone Siobhan on or 07780 873138.